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    Jelly beans + plastic wrap = carrot!
    Make some Jelly Bean Carrots as a sweet supplement to your Easter treat basket, jelly bean carrots are simple to make and fun to eat! Orange jelly beans, plastic wrap, and a little creativity help kids and grown-ups create this satisfying spring party favor.
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    Dress up plain plastic Easter eggs with colorful bands!
    This week’s Wednesday treat is a set of new Easter Egg Holder patterns with dots in Easter colors. Use them to display plain or decorated eggs. They can also be wrapped around the center of plain plastic eggs filled with Easter candy!
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    Cute additions to your Easter eggs!
    Easter Egg Holders - Cut out these printable patterns for charming Easter egg holders. This easy craft project requires nothing more than computer paper, scissors and a printer. Use the holders to display your decorated eggs or to liven up plain eggs.
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    Decorate inside your Easter eggs!
    Peek-a-boo Easter Egg - Learn how to make a magical world inside an Easter egg with real eggshells, cutouts or stickers, and your imagination!
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    Send a bookmark gift in your Easter greeting card!
    This week’s Wednesday treat is a set of Easter Dots ePaper downloads that you can print and use to make Easter versions of Bookmark Cards.

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