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    New heart motif patterns for strip folding!
    This week’s Wednesday treat is a set of new printable patterns for the Strip Folding Heart Cards tutorial. The new heart templates feature heart motifs with fanned paper strips. These motifs are a great way to showcase three or more patterned paper strips from the same color family.
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    Recycle paper leftovers into a heart!
    Strip Folding Heart Cards - In this greeting card tutorial, make a card for Mother’s Day or your sweetheart that features a framed heart motif while learning how to use a strip folding template. Once you learn this technique using the heart template, additional motifs can be made using other templates.
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    Cards with silly faces for lots of giggles!
    Silly Faces Mix-and-Match Cards - Just a few simple materials and a little instruction is all it takes to make a set of mix-and-match cards. Cut all the cards into three pieces and mix them up to make silly faces. Giggles are a sure thing!
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    New printable yarn painting card patterns!
    This week’s Wednesday treat is a set of new printable patterns for a quick Mexican Yarn Painting craft. Just print one of the Yarn Snake Card patterns to cardstock and use markers, crayons, or colored pencils to add “yarn” to the Huichol-inspired snake design.
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    Celebrate a colorful tradition of Mexico!
    Mexican Yarn Painting - The crafts of Mexico are renowned for bright colors and bold designs especially the nierika made by the Huichol people. In this project learn how to do Huichol-inspired yarn paintings then use the technique to make decorative plaques or to enliven the surfaces of boxes, cards, notebooks, and more.
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